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Crowdfunding is a major new trend in the financial landscape that allows start-ups, and established businesses source funding from the crowd. There are a variety of crowdfunding types. Our focus will be on rewards-based crowdfunding. Individuals donate to a project or business with expectations of receiving in return a non-financial reward, such as goods or services, at a later stage in exchange of their contribution. It will soon be a $100B industry. Learn everything you need to know before you launch your crowdfunding campaign. Who This Workshop is For • Those who want to learn more about crowdfunding • Prospective entrepreneurs with a business idea • Early-Stage Ventures • Established businesses looking to launch a new product or service

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Get to know the instructor, Hamza Ansar, and his journey so far with creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • Module 1 12min 46sec
  • Module 2 14min 1sec
  • Module 3 13min 40sec

The first section of the course will focus on pre-launch activities for a crowdfunding campaign. Expect to learn closely about competitor research, crowdfunding research tools, factors to consider when selecting your product. Moreover, learn about how to manage your team and work delegation, how to determine rewards tiers, pitfalls, and finally end this super session by learning how to research recap.

  • Module 4 16min 56sec
  • Module 5 11min 33sec
  • Module 6 10min 46sec
  • Module 7 4min 28sec

Move on to see and determine how algorithms can be cracked in crowdfunding. Also learn how to manage how to control inside as well as outside factors.

  • Module 8 4min 14sec

Now we come see how to go about creating a campaign. Campaign requirements will be discussed, after which there will be an in-depth look at the video creation process involved. We'll watch several videos like Dollar Shave Club and Coolest Cooler, Old PRSRV video & New PRSRV video. Then we'll move on to campaign description, how to think of and write a compelling campaign story and create images for it. When all is done, campaign will be ready to submit for review. Furthermore, analytics tool like Google Analytics, and platforms with their tools will be explored. Submitting for review Analytics tool Platform tools and their benefits Google analytics

  • Module 9 15min 53sec
  • Module 10 8min 47sec
  • Module 11 15min 34sec

Lastly, towards the end, this section will expand on learning how to use social media, exploring landing pages, ad types, email marketing, press interest, Facebook groups, influencer marketing. Plus A/B testing, an important component, will also be part of lectures.

  • Module 12 16min 4sec
  • Module 13 14min 9sec
  • Module 14 7min 59sec

We end the course with seeing what things to do after the campaign ends, what is the post-campaign fee, and end with a recap.

  • Module 15 6min 3sec
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Hamza Ansar

Founder, Startup Early



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  • Advertising campaign planner
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15+ enrolled on this course